Travelling Bowling League Software

Bowling Match Clubs are some of the best ways to travel to different bowling alleys, enjoy league prepared lanes and meeting new people without having to join a league in another town or city. These 'travelling match clubs' are great for the members, but they can be a lot of work for the 'Matchmaker' who is in charge of knowing who can bowl at which events and putting together the teams. This is why we developed this Travelling Bowling League Matchmaker Software and website solution. Created by a fellow Matchmaker, this software makes it easy for anyone to maintain your club roster, matches, dues and clubs. Your members can signup for events online and through e-mails, as well as informing you when they can't make a match. You can even keep track of your member's dues/fiancials, and send out statements to members.


Bowling Matchmaker Software Featured Highlights:

      • Online Scheduling system - View Season Schedule and allow signups to members
      • Member Signups via email and the website schedule
      • Matchmaker manual signups
      • Match Status and Results
      • Member Averages and Stats
      • Clubs Database - Club info, address, contacts etc
      • Members Database - Name, address, contact info, averages, match history, last home/away match dates
      • Member Dues/Accounting - Auto add monthly dues, record payments and other charges/credits.
      • Match Scheduling - Schedule matches with existing clubs, auto send confirmation emails to vs club. Send match signup notifications to club members.
      • Match setup - Shows members that have signed up for the match, including stand-by and can't attend status. If using the Dues system also shows if their account is in good standing. Auto Add and balance members into the line-up.
      • Match Emails - Send out Sign-up Emails to all members and/or just members who have not signed up yet.
      • Match Line up - Email match line up to both members and vs club
      • Match Paper work: Print paper for for the day, including Team Sheets, Re-Cap sheets, most over pot, fine envelopes and Cost/Results Sheet
      • Match Results - Easy to enter results via the Most over pot sheet or recaps.
      • USBC Year End Average Reports
  • Support

  • Our software is backed and maintained by our Parent company Racine-Web Design. Racine-Web Design has been developing websites and custom back-end solutions for websites for over 25 years. We have all the personel on staff to be able to answer any questions, give you support and even customize your site to your specific needs.

Some Match Clubs currently using our software:

Gold Country Match Club

Foothills Match Club

Stockton Match Club

Land Park Alley Kats

Strikes of Rocklin

Strikes of Elk Grove

West Valley Match Club

Sunset Match Club

Double Decker Match Club

Just to name a few...