About Us

Bowling Matchmaker Software is brought to you by Racine-Web Design. Founded in 1996 by Dennis Racine, Racine-Web Design has been creating database driven websites since it's start, and specializes in custom website design, shopping carts, dynamic content, e-commerce and custom database integrations for the web. Dennis is also the Matchmaker for the Gold Country Match Club in Grass Valley, Calif. When Dennis first joined the Match Club he could see the need to help the then current Matchmaker with their job, as the clunky excel spread sheet system he was using was very time consuming and not very flexible. The need to allow member to be able to self sign up for match was also important, so started the quest to create what is now 'Bowling Matchmaker Software' shown here.

The Bowling Matchmaker Software is built as a module to Racine-Web Design's Content Management System called "Zomix". Zomix allows for complete control over the content of your website, with design tools and modules for all your site needs.

Visit http://www.zomix.com for more info on their CMS!